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Oscar Salinas was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas. Growing up he was a competitive Golden Gloves Boxer. Oscar has a great appreciation for the sacrifices that have been made to provide the opportunities afforded to him today. He often tells the story about how his grandfather, Ovidio, crossed the Rio Grande with nothing more than two pairs of clothes and two watermelons so he could provide a better life for his children in the United States.


After his High School graduation, Oscar moved to Corpus Christi, Texas where he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi. While attending Texas A&M, Oscar met his wife, Yasmin Wong, in the library of the University. Yasmin and Oscar moved to Austin after he received acceptance to The University of Texas School of Law where he graduated in 2014.


While attending law school, Oscar interned at the Travis County District Attorney’s Office where he was assigned to the 167th Criminal District Court. During his 2nd year of law school, Oscar participated in the Criminal Defense Clinic where he represented people accused of misdemeanor offenses. During law school, Oscar also worked for criminal defense attorney Joseph A. Turner as a law clerk.

After law school graduation, Oscar clerked at the Williamson County District Attorney’s office. Once licensed to practice law in the State of Texas in November 2014, Oscar became a Special Prosecutor for Williamson County. Within his first couple of months with the District Attorney’s office, Oscar presented his first felony case to trial which resulted in a swift guilty sentence and a 17-year sentence for a multiple DWI offender.


After prosecuting many successful cases for Williamson County, Oscar was hired to serve as a prosecutor for the Denton County District Attorney’s Office where he was assigned to the misdemeanor trial division. In October of 2015, Oscar was hired as an Assistant District Attorney for the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office.


Serving as a prosecutor in Bexar County, Oscar has been assigned to County Courts at Law No. 9 and No. 14 where he has tried DWI, Assault and Animal cruelty cases.  Oscar was quickly promoted to work as a felony prosecutor and assigned to the 144th District Court where he has handled and taken to trial Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Assault and Continuous Family Violence cases. After working in the 144th District Court, Oscar has supervised misdemeanor prosecutors and diligently prosecuted felony cases in the 226th District Court.  Oscar currently works as a prosecutor in the Public Integrity and Cyber Crime Unit where he prosecutes public officials who commit criminal offenses, and child predators who attempt to exploit children online. The cases Oscar has prosecuted while assigned to this division range from misdemeanor and felony family violence cases, official oppression, aggravated perjury, bribery, online solicitation, aggravated sexual assault of a child and child pornography. Oscar has also collaborated with the Texas Attorney General’s Child Exploitation Unit to streamline the intake of child pornography cases to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office. Recently, Oscar collaborated with the Olmos Park Police Department and the Texas Attorney General’s Office to set up an undercover chat operation in the city of Olmos Park which led to the apprehension of seven individuals who were looking to have sex with minors.


Oscar is an accomplished prosecutor and public servant. Oscar possesses the trial experience and knowledge of criminal law to be an effective and fair judge. Oscar knows that some of the most important misdemeanor cases are Family Violence cases. The citizens of Bexar County deserve a judge who is willing to preside over these cases and not turn them away. These cases should and must take precedent.  Oscar envisions a County Court No. 12 that begins to preside over Family Violence cases and a Court that establishes more certainty for victims, witnesses and attorneys.


When not working to protect the safety and wellness of the his Bexar County community, Oscar enjoys spending time and watching movies with his loving wife Yasmin, and playing soccer with their son Giovanni. The most recent addition to their family is their daughter Camila, who Oscar delivered when she was born unexpectedly in their home.