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Oscar has the criminal trial experience County Court No. 12 deserves and needs. After spending his entire career working as a prosecutor to protect families and communities, Oscar has hands on experience handling a wide range of criminal cases, managing a heavy docket, and working with departments, agencies, and organizations for the betterment of Bexar County. County Court No. 12 deserves a judge with focus on providing the adequate treatment to supervised Defendants, so those Defendants do not subsequently commit more serious crimes and instead become more productive members of our community.  


County Court at Law No. 12 is a Specialty Court with a Mental Health Docket. The Court needs a judge focused on three key components when dealing with Defendants who are a part of the Mental Health Court Docket. First, the Court should focus on identifying the core issues behind the Defendant’s diagnosis in order to adequately address treatment for the Defendant. Second, the Court should focus on programs that focus on life skills, so that Defendants can be placed in better positions than when they entered the program.  Third, the Mental Health Court Docket should focus on the issues that lead and contribute to recidivism, so Defendants do not re-enter the criminal justice system or commit more serious offenses. Mental health disease is exactly what it’s called; a disease. Mental health disease is a real and a growing problem in Bexar County. This Court deserves a judge willing to embrace a comprehensive community-based approach to ensure every Defendant on the Court’s docket receives needed help, compassion, recovery, fairness, and justice.


County Court at Law No. 12 and Bexar County deserves a judge who is willing to provide assistance to colleagues and preside over Family Violence cases. Family Violence cases are some of the most important misdemeanor cases in Bexar County. These cases should take priority because victims of Family Violence deserve a timely resolution to their cases. Many of the Family Violence cases involve underlying issues related to substance abuse and mental health disease and ALL County Courts should work hand in hand developing symbiotic relationships to work together for Bexar County families, Defendants, and the community.


While Bexar County has spent millions of dollars on technological upgrades to improve productivity within the Departments and the Court system, County Court at Law No. 12 deserves a judge who will embrace modern technology to run a more swift and smoother docket and maximize on efficiency.


Incorporating technology, a dedicated staff, and fostering relationships with other Courts and employees, County Court at Law No. 12 can and should improve trial dockets to bring resolution and closure to Defendants, victims, attorneys, prosecutors, and the community. County Court at Law No. 12 deserves a judge who will focus on decreasing the docket and freeing up time, resources, and taxpayer dollars.